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Avishai is a talented, high energy professional who always goes above and beyond to engage in the critical issues facing companies he is involved with. A pleasure to work with!

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Shiran Shalev
Partner @ Battery Ventures

What Other People Say

"Seasoned leader and marketing guru!"

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Liron Avraham
Managing Director at Outbrain

"Finding someone like Avishai, who has become a genuine friend and mentor, always there when needed, is even rarer. A brilliant individual, a fantastic friend, and an absolute professional. Thrilled that our paths crossed, and even more thrilled to have you with us on this incredible journey!"

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Bar Almog

"‏I had the pleasure of working closely with Avishai - his leadership and vision were instrumental to our success. His strategic mindset and desire to push boundaries make him an exceptional leader, and I would love to work and collaborate with him again."

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Uriel Kornfein
Data Analyst @ TikTok

"As a professional colleague, I've had the privilege of witnessing Avishai's exceptional skills and insights firsthand. His ability to navigate the complexities of early and growth-stage startups is truly remarkable. Avishai possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of business development, market strategy, and demand generation, and he has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive growth and success for the companies he's been involved with."

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Matan Elmalam
Venture Backed Founder

"Avishai is one of the most talented marketers I know. You'd be amazed to learn how much he can get done in 24 hours, yet with no compromises on quality or performance. Avishai is an expert in online marketing, specifically SEO, social media advertising and content strategy. He is also a fun person to work with and a great manager that inspires those who work with him. I would be happy to get the chance to collaborate or work more often together in the future."

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Yael Kochman
VP Marketing @ Buy With Me

"Avishay is the go-to person for entrepreneurial advice; he was the first person who inspired me to take the marketing role in my startup. Always eager to assist entrepreneurs at any stage, he successfully led a team of marketing experts at 8fig, known for their exceptional creativity, intelligence, and talent. Working with them has been such an enjoyable experience.🚀"

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Gal Brazilay

Build Evergreen Marketing Assets

Become an omni-channel demand generation machine and improve your ROAS with the BrainyeAI marketing stack. Let our combination of tools and methods guide your team to success while building long-lasting assets.

Why Choose BrainyeAI?

Maximize Your Marketing Potential

Discover how BrainyeAI can help you turn your company from becoming leads focused into client focused, with BrainyeAI you steer your whole organizational conversation to talk about business.

More Leads, Less Budget
Our data-driven strategies help you generate more leads without straining your budget.
Qualified Lead Increase
We don't just generate leads. We ensure they're qualified and ready to convert.
Diverse Lead Channels
Expand your lead sources and tap into new, promising channels.
Improved ROAS
Optimize your return on ad spend and get more value from your marketing budget.
Long-lasting Marketing Assets
Create marketing assets that continue to bring value long after the campaign ends.
Data-driven optimization
Our data-driven strategies help you generate more leads without straining your budget.

Are You Currently Damaging Your Existing Leads Pool?

Companies valued at $100M and more discovered with BrainyeAI that their BDRs and SDRs were damaging their brand due to lack of demand generation efforts to support their work

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Who can work with BrainyeAI?
Any organization that wants to build their demand generation
How does BrainyeAI generate more leads with less budget?
BrainyeAI uses data-driven tools and methods to create, scale, and optimize paid marketing efforts.
Can we do everything alone in-house?
There are very few professionals in the world who know how to do great marketing, not to mention building world-class go-to-market plans and executing on them. The idea behind BrainyeAI is bringing the knowledge and lessons in-house through a combination of software with services.